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Tutorial: Pug Nose

A knitted pug dog toy, shown in partial profile.
The dotted line shows where the bridge of the nose is folded and sewn.

When I wrote the Pug pattern, I couldn't think of a better way to describe how to shape the nose, other than "fold it up between the eyes and stitch in place." I'm really a hands-on type of teacher, so I find it much easier to show how to do something, rather than write down how I did it. I think most people who make this toy don't even bother with this step, and their pugs look just fine. But in case any of you are wondering what the heck I meant, here's a video tutorial that will hopefully clear things up. (This video is many years old now, and I'll eventually replace it with a new one, but I think it still shows my method well enough)

If you don't already have the pattern, you can purchase it in my shop, or on Etsy and Ravelry. For the month of June, you'll get 25% off the pattern in all these shops. You can also find the Pug pattern in my Fuzzy Knits ebook collection (a great deal, if you want to knit more of my most popular designs).

Knitted pug dog toy head and shoulders, facing front.

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