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This ebook collection includes 12 popluar and classic designs, so you can knit a whole family of adorable toys with a wide variety of outfits! Included are: a lamb in a hooded jacket, a monkey in overalls, a chipmunk in a textured pullover, a panda with a cape and t-shirt, a mouse in a raglan shirt, a polar bear in a coat, a dog in a pullover with a heart design, a siamese cat with a pinafore dress, a duck with a hat and scarf, a tiger in a summer dress, a rabbit with a jacket and vest, and a pug dog with an anorak.


All of the toys are the smaller size (8-9") except for the pug, which is larger (14"). The skill level ranges from experienced-beginner (polar bear) to advanced (tiger), so you can practice and learn a variety of knitting skills as you work through the patterns.

Fuzzy Knits Collection

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