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Springtime Knitting Ideas

While winter may be the season for cozy knits, like sweaters, hats, and mitts, I've found that Spring is the most popular time to knit toys! This is probably why my Well-Dressed Bunny pattern has long been my most popular design. With three outfits to choose from, ranging from a simple pinafore dress, to a casual hoodie, to a dapper jacket and waistcoat ensemble, your bunny will make a wonderful gift, whatever you decide to knit.

I also have other bunny patterns, if you're looking for something a little different. My Mama and Baby Bunny pattern includes directions for two sizes of bunny, with a simple accessory for each. Wouldn't these two be wonderful to find in an Easter basket this year?

You could also knit Bunny Puppets, in sizes for your whole family! This toy is knit in the round, but designed similar to mittens. So if you've knit those before, this puppet will be a fun project!

Lambs are also a classic toy for Springtime! You could try knitting my free Fuzzy Lamb pattern, if you have a woolly yarn just begging to be knit into something cuddly. Or, you could try knitting Lucy Lamb, with her curly garter-stitch fleece. This toy is knit with DK weight yarn, which may be easier to find in some areas. Fortunately, she's the same size as my other smaller toys, so any of those clothes will fit her!

Or maybe you're knitting for someone who loves feathered friends? The Silly Duck pattern is so sweet, and looks adorable in a range of pretty colours. If the weather is still a bit chilly where you live, perhaps your duck will appreciate a little hat and scarf to keep out the cold.

If you need a super quick gift, for someone who enjoys unusual but adorable softies, why not knit some Bunimals? The pattern can be knit both flat and in the round, and comes with five variations. There's also plenty of potential for modifications, if you're feeling creative. Everyone who's knit them tells me the pattern is super fun, and a bit addictive!

Finally, do you need to knit a gift for someone who likes things a bit out of the ordinary? Maybe they're not really into sweet and fluffy creatures? My Rainy Day Turtle pattern may be just right for them! As a fun twist, the turtle's shell comes off, just like a pullover!

I hope you've found something on this list that inspires you to pick up some yarn and needles, and knit the perfect softie friend for Springtime! If not, please browse my shop, and see what else might tickle your fancy.


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