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Mystery Knit-Along 2023 - Week 2

Have you seen any of the finished dolls from Week 1 of the KAL? They're all so cute! How is your project going? I do hope you'll share a photo once you're ready. One of the best parts of a knit-along is to see what everyone else is making from the same pattern.

The second part of the KAL is the body of the larger main toy. It's relatively simple to knit, although it takes a bit of time because of its size. I can't get over how much it looks like a big, fuzzy potato! It might be tempting to keep it just like this, but the next two parts are even more fun and adorable.

A potato-like knitted toy, with black eyes near the top. In the background are knitting needles, a darning needle, and thread snips.
The body of the larger toy.

I don't have a lot to add this week, as the knitting and finishing of this piece are fairly easy. If you want a refresher on seam techniques, you can check out this blog post. I used Seam Type 2 on the bottom seam of the body, which makes a neat, flat seam for the toy to sit on.

The knitted toy body shown from the bottom, with the seam partially sewn together
Sewing the bottom seam of the body.

One more point: if you don't want to use safety eyes or buttons, one alternative is circles of black felt that you hand-sew onto the body. Another option is to embroider them with some yarn. This tutorial is older, and done on a crocheted toy, but it gives very nice looking eyes.

A person in a white blouse, shown from waist to shoulder. They are holding a knitted potato-shaped toy.
Week 2 clue. What are we knitting?


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