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Mystery KAL 2023 - Let's get started!

Have you ever participated in a mystery knit-along? This is an event where you make a knitted item a bit at a time, over a few weeks, and you don't know what the item really is until the very end. I've held several of these events over the years, and they're always so fun and surprising. I hope you'll join us on this knitting adventure!

This mystery knit-along (or MKAL) will begin on February 2, 2023. Prior to that date, you'll want to purchase the pattern, which will outline the details given here, plus give you the materials list so you can make sure you have everything you need before starting. Once you get the first clue, you can start knitting, and sharing your progress here and on social media (#FMMKAL2023). I love to see what everyone is making, so I hope you'll share!

Each week for 4 weeks, you'll get another part of the pattern. I've tried to break up the pattern as evenly as possible, though the first two weeks have a bit more to do, leaving more time at the end to catch up and finish your toy. Once the KAL is finished, you'll also receive a full version of the new Fuzzy Mitten knitting pattern.

Here are the yarns I've picked out for the toy I'll be knitting.

Yarns for the Larger Toy: Knit Pick’s Swish Bulky in Squirrel Heather (MC) and Bare (CC). To make the MC fuzzier, I will combine the Swish yarn with a strand of Knit Pick’s Aloft yarn, in Oat. I actually wanted a more chocolatey-brown for the main colour, but this is what I had in my stash. Also shown are the 12 mm black safety eyes I'll be using. If you don't want to use safety eyes, you can embroider the eyes with some black yarn.

Yarns for the Companion Toy: Knit Pick’s Palette yarn in Doe for yarn A, a variegated fingering weight yarn for yarn B, and a dark brown fingering weight yarn for the hair. The variegated and dark brown yarns are both remnants of sock yarns, and I don't know what kinds they were originally. Also shown are the brown 6 mm safety eyes I'll be using, and some pink yarn for the face.


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