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Mystery Knit-Along 2024 - Let's get started!

Hello knitting friends who love cute toys! I'm having another mystery knit-along this year, since we always have so much fun making toys together. (If you want to refresh your memory, you can check out how the event went last year).

a photo of three balls of yarn, one green, one light blue, and one cream. There is also a pair of wooden knitting needles and a pair of black safety eyes.
What will these yarns become?

The pattern prep info is available now, and the knit-along starts on March 2. As before, the pattern will be divided into 4 parts, and you will get one part each week for 4 weeks. I try to divide up the pattern so each part will take 2-4 hours of knitting and assembly, so it's easier to fit into busy schedules. Please note, if you start a bit late, the pattern update each week always includes the previous parts, so you don't miss anything.

What do you need to do to join? First, you'll need to get a copy of the pattern, which for now includes the information about the knit-along, the list of materials, some examples, and a list of abbreviations so you can make sure you're familiar with all the stitches we'll be using.

Next, find the yarn and other supplies you'll need to make the toy. I'll share some examples in a future post, and discuss yarn choices that will help you make the best toy possible!

Finally, decide where you'll follow along with what everyone is making. I'll share my progress here on my blog, with helpful tips and links, and any notes people have sent me about the pattern. If you like, leave comments and photos of your project on the blog posts too, so others can see what you're making! If you're on Ravelry, you can see what's happening in the group discussion. I'll also be following along on social media with the hashtag #FMMKAL2024 (I'm mostly active on Instagram, Facebook, and Mastodon, but let me know if things seem active elsewhere).

I really hope you'll join us for this special event! Talk to you again soon.

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Finished the first cap with fingering yarn…but will do another cap with cotton yarn…my seaming didn’t come out very good so will try to perfect that for the next cap!

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