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Free Pattern: Girly Dress

When I originally designed my monkey pattern, there was a Girly Monkey to go with the Boyish Monkey, because I knit the first ones as a pair. However, since the only difference was the outfit, and the dress was so simple, I decided to keep the Boyish Monkey pattern and retire the Girly Monkey one. The dress is still a pretty addition to a toy's wardrobe, though, so you can find the free pattern for it below. I've changed a few minor details from the original, but only to make it turn out a bit better.

Girly Dress

Materials: 20 g of DK or light worsted weight yarn, pair of 4 mm and 4.5 (US size 6 and 7) knitting needles, tapestry needle, scrap yarn, crochet hook or buttons or ribbon (optional)

Gauge: 22 sts and 32 rows per 4" in stockinette on smaller needles

Size: 7 1/2" around, 4" long

Back and Front (make 1 each)

CO 32 sts with larger needles.

Row 1: Purl.

Row 2: k1, [k3, yo, k2tog] x 6, k1.

Row 3: Purl.

Row 4: k1, [k3, ssk, yo] x 6, k1.

Row 5-20: Repeat Rows 1-4 three times.

Row 21: Purl.

Change to smaller needles on next row.

Row 22: k1, [k2tog] x 15, k1. (17 sts)

Row 23-31: Work 9 rows in st st, slipping first stitch of each row.

Row 32: k3, bind off 11 sts, k to end. Or, bind off all sts.

Cut yarn and place live sts on scrap yarn.


Once you have made both Front and Back, graft together shoulders, or sew shoulder seams if you bound off all sts. Optional: crochet or embroider around the neck opening to make it look nicer. The neck opening is small, but the head should be able to squish through. Finally, sew the side seams from the hem to the decrease row (Row 22) and weave in all yarn ends. Embellish with buttons or ribbon if you like.


CO = cast on

K = knit

k2tog = decrease 1 by knitting 2 stitches together

P = purl

ssk = decrease 1 by slipping 2 stitches purlwise, slip these stitches back onto the left-hand needle, then knit them together

st or sts = stitch or stitches

st st = stockinette stitch

yo = yarn over


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