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Barbara Prime
Mar 18, 2021
In Knit-Along Events
Thank you so much for joining this event! I'm so excited for all the knitting fun we're going to have together. To get started, you'll need the project information, which you can purchase in my shop, or on Ravelry. Next, you'll need to find yarn to make your toy. In the project information I've included details about the yarns you'll need. I'll also make a separate post below about my own toy, showing you what I'll be using and why. Finally, we'll all have to wait until the start on April 8! If you can't wait that long, please sign up as a site member, and say hello here. I'd love to see who's participating! Even if you don't want to become a site member, you'll want to visit this forum after each pattern section is released during the KAL. Not only will I show you my progress, with plenty of photos, I'll be available to answer any questions from the KAL group.
Barbara Prime
Mar 17, 2021
In Discussions
Since I began planning my new website, I wanted a place for knitters to share the toys they knit from Fuzzy Mitten patterns. Partly because I love to see what you make, and because your projects may be just the inspiration another knitter needs to take a chance on something new! I also know that many of you have knitting experiences and skills that are different than mine, and you might like to share those with others who enjoy knitting toys. Further, there's an upcoming event, starting on April 8, that I wanted to be able to share on this site: a Mystery Knit-Along! In a regular knit-along, a group of people knit the same pattern at the same time. This gives you the chance to see what yarns people are using, how their project is turning out, and allows you ask questions or share advice. A mystery knit-along is similar, but you participate without knowing what the pattern is going to make! In my case, I split a toy pattern into several sections, and each week of the knit-along you get a new part of the pattern. I try to divide the pattern sections in such a way that it keeps the finished toy a mystery as long as possible, although you're welcome to guess at any time (but I won't confirm or deny any guess until the final week 😉) If you're curious, hop over to that forum to see what's going on! I hope you enjoy this space, and feel like sharing what you knit! Please be kind and helpful towards others, as cute toys are for everyone, but may look different for each knitter. ❤️
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Barbara Prime

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