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Mystery Knit-Along 2023 - Week 3

I nearly forgot to write a post about the third clue of the KAL! There isn't much to say about what we're knitting this week - arms and legs for the bigger toy. They're fairly simple, and don't give away much about what the toy could be.

a tall, slim child, holding a knitted toy. The toy has a potato-shaped body, with long arms and legs.
My big kid holding the toy after making Clue 3

I love the size of this toy, which is an armful for a smaller kid, or a nice, cuddly size for a bigger kid (like mine). If you're familiar with my designs, you can maybe tell that this toy is based on my Yeti and Sasquatch pattern. That design was also the basis for my Trusty Troll pattern. I've been wanting to make another toy in this style for a few years, so I'm extra happy to be sharing this mystery toy with you now!

a knitted troll doll, in green and light grey. It has short horns, and long ears. It's wearing a tool-belt, and there is a rucksack next to it.
You can see some similarities in the designs

How is your project going? Do you have any ideas of what it might be? Who could be Lucy's big, fuzzy companion?

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